Viewing Report 18th September 2020 – IMT3

21:59 : 00:11

Decided to have a quick look out before moving house, given it was supposed to be cloudy and there is a bit of a clear spell. I have decided to just take a look at a few objects. First up is the Cheeseburger Nebula NGC 7026.

NGC7026 Cheeseburger Nebula 10mins Luminance
NGC7026 Cheeseburger Nebula cropped

Next up is IC63 which is a ghost nebula that Tim imaged the other night, I want to see what it looks like in my 12″ vs his 10″. The first thing I noticed was in the guider window that the reflection of the bright star Gamma Cas caused an interesting image.

Guiding reflection
Gamma Cas
IC 63 Ghost Nebula 10min Ha

Next I am going to go after M110.

M110 5 minutes Luminance

I have now slewed to M32 just below.

M32 5 minutes Luminance

The last object of tonight and then off to bed so I can be up to help Bob concrete IMT4 tomorrow is NGC 508.

NGC 508 10 minutes Luminance