Viewing Report 27th May 2023

22:14 – 03:00

Takahashi FSQ85, QHY268C and Pegasus NYX-101

GingerGeek came round again tonight for another full night of imaging.

Focus position at 19,506 for Luminance at 22:30 hours.

Started with M100 a galaxy in Coma Berenices. LRGB at 300s sub frames as I have not imaged this galaxy before. However I found this was too close to the Moon so I will revise another night. So I moved onto M10 for RGB, as I have luminance data from Spring 2020 I took 4-6 of RGB as M10 was then too low as it passed the Meridian.

Unfortunately due to the Moon and on reflection looking at the luminance data from April none of the data is of significant quality to be able to use, so I will have to reshoot.