Viewing Report 25th March 2020 – IMT3 12″

Viewing time period – 19:15 – 23:05

As I found last night I need to get Temperature Compensation working for the focuser if I am to produce any decent images. SGPro has a Temperature Compensation Trainer which I will follow.

Temperature Compensation Trainer in SGPro under Tools menu

I started @19:35 by taking an image of a star field to make sure there were no bright stars and then ran the autofocus routine. This came back with a focus position of 76974 at 11.5℃.

First autofocus run complete

Next I started the Temperature Compensation wizard which seems to measure the difference in focus position over a 5℃ decrease in temperature. It takes the initial reading above and then you wait until the temperature has dropped by 5℃.

Temperature Compensation Trainer Starting figures

It took 3.5 hours for the temperature to drop by 5℃. So @23:08 I then ran the autofocus routine and got the next image and result. This resulted in 531 steps per 1℃ of temperature change.

Autofocus after 5℃ drop in temperature