Viewing Report 19th August 2022

22:43 – 03:06

First tonight was to take some 300s darks for the other night for NGC 6765. I only needed 5 of them so spent the first half hour on that.

Then looking at what I could do before the Moon comes up around 11:30pm, I have a couple Messier objects on my list to go after. M26 is the initial one to tackle. I will try a low exposure for luminance and longer on RGB.

Initial focus position is 17,782 for Luminance. I then had to take a new set of darks for the Lodestar camera. I am not sure why these no longer match.

@ 23:53 I started imaging M26 LRGB, L = 60s, RGB = 300s

M26 – Red 300s

Focus run at 1:06am 16,879 for Luminance

Finished imaging just before 2am when the object was too low and the bottom of the dome slit was in the way. I then went on to grab flats and darks.