Viewing report Travel to Tenerife Night 2 – Friday 5th July 2024

Started imaging at  10pm

Focus position main scope 12,327

Camera temperature -15

Ended imaging at  5:45am

Very calm night 0.7’ seeing and at the start little to no wind. The temperature was around 16-17 degrees C all night.

Started with Markarian’s chain again to gather better data than yesterday’s. Captured 15 x 300s tonight. I’ll do another final set tomorrow.

At 23:45 I moved on to M4 a globular cluster in Scorpius. I will continue with this again tomorrow night as I landed up with about 1.5 hours of usable data.

M4 Globular Cluster – stacked only

At around 2am I moved to M55 as M4 had got fairly low in the sky so I will come back to that tomorrow night. I did find there was too much time spent refocusing so I have now changed this to only as the temperature changes and at the start of a new image rather than every 30mins as well.

M55 Globular Cluster – Stacked only

I captured 3 hours on this lovely globular cluster.