Viewing Report 23rd March 2020 – Travel Scope

Viewing time period – 18:23 – 04:08

@18:28 took flats for last night

PixInsight Flats from 120ED Esprit and QHY168C

@18:47 finished 20x -25℃ Flats 0.06s now taking Darks, will do more flats later when the cooler can get to -35℃ which right now it can’t as ambient outside temp is 7℃ so I can only get to -33℃ at 100%

ZWO Ezcap software for acquisition of Flats and Darks

@21:47 just finished Flats at -35℃

@22:49 started imaging Whale and Hockey Stick for Herschel 400

@00:47 I have 2 hours worth of data, performed meridian flip and continued to image the Whale for another 2 hours whilst I went to bed

@4:08 finished imaging and packed up