Viewing Report 6th September 2021 ā€“ IMT3b

17:35 – 22:15

Opened dome early to cool down, we then had some cloud and it closed, so reopen around 8pm.

As it has been a very warm day, some 28ā„ƒ and is still 20ā„ƒs, I will set the camera temp to -20ā„ƒ and image a different object to avoid several sets of flats, darks and flat darks. I settled on M56 as I had not imaged this for my Messier catalogue yet.

Loads of problems, mount kept saying it was not unpacked, guider would not connect, so rebooted and all fine.

Imaging at 22:10

Gain 75 Offset 12

Rotation angle 29.420

Temp -22 (need correct Flats/Darks and Dark Flats)

When I rebooted I noticed the PHD2 setting are wrong for the guider so need to change the profile to include DirectGuide not Pulse Guide. Also need to change SGPro so that it does not autofocus at the start of a run, also so it does not set the temp to -15.

Off to bed at 22:15 and left it running.

Everything went well, the dome shut at sunrise and the images look ok, maybe slightly soft focus but only when I process will I be able to tell.